13 February 2012

Sweets for your sweetie

Here are some sweet treats to make for Valentine's Day. Again, I have relied mainly upon the expertise of the one and only Martha Stewart for my source of inspiration.

Later today I'm going to bake a batch of brownies, for a Valentine's Day treat. Ok, it's really to make sure that I get my chocolate fix for the holiday. I guess I should probably share the brownies with Glen and his daughters, who will be spending the evening with us. (Now you know the reason why we went out to dinner last Saturday night, instead of going on Valentine's Day.) 

Tomorrow, Glen and I are planning to take a huge step toward building our life together, which seems very appropriate to do on Valentine's Day. We are going to submit applications for me to become a resident of Australia. We are hoping with all our hearts that the visa will be approved, and the sooner the better. Nothing means more to us than being together, every day and every night.

I just need to finish up some paperwork. Then it's brownie time!


Inga said...

MMM, I think I will do some brownies too. Thank you :)

Laurie Eno / The Daily Corgi said...

Leave it to you to find delectable photos of luscious treats against slightly unusual (for Valentine's Day tradition) hues.

You are very good at the food pics, Kim! Making me hungry!

Happy Valentine's to you and Glen, and much luck in getting your Visa approved. If they have eyes to see how in love you two are, I can't imagine it not happening.


Lily Lemontree said...

These images all look just too delicious!! I am hoping that my better half will bring home something as delectable for me tomorrow!
Good luck on the visa application!