27 June 2014

light & bright

Do I ever tire of seeing beautiful white rooms? No, never. How about you?

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25 June 2014

Pink & Aqua Hawaiian Wedding

 Stationary by Oh My Deer Handmades

Pink and aqua is probably my very favourite colour scheme--girly girl that I am! This beautiful wedding inspiration shoot was done on the beach in Oahu, Hawaii, and, as you can see, the setting of pale sand and sunny skies perfectly matches the delicate shades of pink and aqua featured. I'm swooning over the aqua ruffled Ramona Keveza gown on the bride. I also love the boho chic table, with that lovely pink tent, and the pretty flowers. Wouldn't this be a beautifully intimate destination wedding, for a few of your nearest and dearest to attend? Sometimes, I think, smaller is better.

{all images via simply bloom photography}

16 June 2014

a little romance

Beautiful, romantic interiors always make me sigh a little, bringing a moment of calm to my day...

I hope they will do the same for you.

 Portrait of Madame Du Barry via Château de Versailles

{P.S. Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You" is playing on the radio right now, and it somehow seems to go so perfectly with these rooms.}

12 June 2014

Daydreaming of Istanbul

Since seeing this exquisite jewel of a home, a couple of days ago, I have been daydreaming about it, letting my mind wander through every embroidery and pattern-bedecked room, having a little mental holiday in Istanbul. 

Built for an exiled Hungarian pasha in the 1850s, as a hunting lodge, Macar Feyzullah Pasha, in Istanbul, Turkey, this is now the home of revered antiques dealer and decorator Serdar Gülgün (shown above, with his niece and nephew). His unerring eye for beauty has allowed him to restore and reinvent the home to become this magical oasis. Filled with his own antiques collection, arrayed with jewel-hued silks, velvets, and other luxurious textiles, patterned walls, and just the right touch of quirkiness, like not-too-perfect hand-painted details, the rooms of the pasha are utterly captivating. 

To me, this place seems like something out of a Wes Anderson film, a delicious fairy tale, where the most intriguing sorts of people must surely be having fabulous conversations, as they sip rich coffees and nibble on delicately spiced pastries, while elegant harp music wafts from unseen sources. Is this place real, or a fantasy? It is truly magnificent. 

What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall, at one of the famed dinner parties hosted here! How about you?

{All images via Town & Country; click on images to see larger versions}