11 August 2016

Beachy & Bohemian

I cannot resist a bright white, sunny home. Throw in a vaulted ceiling, cozy, comfy sitting areas, warm woods, and some greenery... what more could you want? The beachy, boho Australian family home of Zoe Dent, co-founder of The Wedding Nest wedding registry, has the perfect blend of cool style and comfort. Every space just says "chill", to me. 

While both were on maternity leave, Dent and friend Jacqui Scruby decided to start up a wedding registry. They both had been very disappointed by a lack of cool things to register for, when they had gotten married. Despite being (probably exhausted) new mums, they worked hard to make The Wedding Nest a great place to shop. All their late nights and busy weekends paid off, when they could quit their old jobs and focus on their business.

In choosing pieces for her home, as in finding beautiful items curated for The Wedding Nest, Zoe Dent has filled her home with quality pieces which she and her family treasure daily, and will, no doubt, enjoy for years to come. Zoe says “My home reflects both my love of nature and the beach. I prefer neutral colours as they are calming, and instead like to play with different tones, textures and textiles to create interest." 

It's such a gorgeous, relaxed home. I just had to share it with you today.

{all images via Adore}