29 October 2012




 Ada and Darcy quilt featured in Real Living magazine




Some fabulous orange eye candy, for you. 'Tis the season, after all.


Tomorrow is going to be a fun day, for our little modern family. Glen and I are having a Halloween party for his daughters (if you can call four people a "party"--hey, it works for me!), to introduce the girls to this beloved American holiday. Really, the party is for me, I admit, but I'm hoping that the girls will enjoy it, too. 

Last weekend, we all carved a Jack-O-Lantern, which is now looking a bit worse for wear. As predicted, there were some squeamish moments, when the pumpkin "guts" had to be removed, but the girls got into it, and we all loved seeing the finished product. I've got to thank Glen for doing most of the carving, while I snapped a bunch of photos, and helped clean up the mess.

This is the first year that I'm here in Oz for Halloween. For the last couple of years, I had been back in the States, at this time of year. I'm pretty excited to be introducing Glen and the girls to one of my favourite holidays. Oddly, this year, here in Australia, a lot of stores are bringing out Halloween merchandise, and really promoting the occasion. In fact, Glen's youngest daughter just went to a Halloween-themed birthday party. I guess this is the perfect year for us to begin our new tradition!

(our Jack-O-Lantern)

Wishing you all a fantastic Halloween, if you are celebrating. I'm also wishing good luck, health, and safety, to everyone back home in the U.S. who may be affected by Hurricane Sandy. My thoughts are with you.

26 October 2012

Fab Frock Friday: Peach Daydream

This image just fits my mood today... kind of daydreamy....

I wish I could tell you who this lovely peach gown was designed by, but I don't know. If anyone out there knows the designer, please leave a comment about it. Thanks!

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone.

24 October 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Anna Schimmel Spring 2012

Lovely, feminine wedding gowns by Anna Schimmel... for brides who like a bit of old-fashioned romance. My favourite piece in the collection is the little lace bolero. It adds such a sweet accent to the strapless gown.

{all images found here}

23 October 2012

Swedish Serenity

This all-white flat in Sweden, home to a family of five, looks so incredibly relaxing. I love the subtle green kitchen cabinets, the lovely wooden desk, and those beautiful double doors leading into a bedroom. The most charming element of this home would have to be the keyboard in the lounge. I can just picture a family sing-along going on there.

{Sources: all images found here; photos by Petra Bindel for Elle Interior Sweden}

22 October 2012

Artist Spotlight: Saatchi Gallery Online

Erin Case; Digital, 2012, Assemblage Collage "Haircut 1 (with Andrew Tamlyn)"

 Violet Frances Cato; Paper, 2012, Assemblage Collage "Lathyrus"

 "Witness" by Ad van Riel

 Robert Harris; Acrylic, 2012, Painting "Barn owl on Lockinge church tower"

 "Silhouettes" by Iva Pevalek

 "Orange Sky" by Ken Resen

Titti Garelli; Acrylic, 2010, Painting "Gothic Queen with a Sphinx Cat"

 Michael Cina; Mixed Media, 2011, Painting "Stay With Me At All Times"

 Michael Cina; Mixed Media, 2011, Painting "Tomorrow Sunn"

 Georgina Vinsun; Oil, 2012, Painting "Vanda"

 Ibon Mainar; Oil, 2009, Painting "Flowers Mag"

 "Geometric Illustrations" by Andy Gilmore

 Chiha Gregory; Oil, 2011, Painting "la Voie"

 "Potential" by Aesha Kennedy

"Trust" by Eva Christin Laszka; Mixed Media

If you're into contemporary art, then you have probably heard of Saatchi Gallery. The famous gallery was founded in London in 1985 by Charles Saatchi, to show his art collection publicly. Often featuring rather controversial artists, Saatchi enjoys rousing up an interest in art. The gallery has expanded to include Saatchi Online, which has exhibited and sold works for over 100,000 artists since its inception in 2006, and is said to receive approximately 73 million hits per day. The site offers a tremendous wealth of choices for art lovers.

Here is a handful of the gorgeous works I found, while browsing Saatchi Online this afternoon. I have a feeling I will be going back to Saatchi Online again and again, to find artistic inspiration.