04 October 2012

Sideboard Lust



 Ikea cabinet makeover by Jen Ramos of Made By Girl




 Ikea PS cabinets painted grey, seen here

I have always had a thing for sideboards, especially ones from the 1960s, with their long sleek designs (like image 7, above). My favourites have ample storage and glass shelves, to show off your collection of barware, of course. Don't even get me started on bar carts! Although I rarely have cocktails (I'm more of a wine drinker these days), I still enjoy the glamour of a collection of cocktail glasses, drink stirrers, shakers, and the like.

The other day, my boyfriend and I came across a once-fabulous vintage sideboard at a thrift store, and I kind of wished that we had the space to put it in our small flat. It was only 30 dollars! Unfortunately, the centre glass shelving and doors were busted out, and the mirror at the back was cracked, so I didn't feel too bad about saying no to buying it. (Can you tell that I'm still kind of kicking myself over it?) 
A much more fabulous sideboard must be out there somewhere, waiting for me... I just know it!

Until then, I will enjoy looking at pretty pictures of sideboards.... like these.


michele said...

ahhh, my fav is the white one a few images up. so refreshing and unique.

it's funny. some people cannot resist bringing home a sad stray dog. and some of us have a hard time saying no to brining home a sad sideboard! i can relate!


Laurie Eno / The Daily Corgi said...

Love that lilac-y pinky room. And the top photo, but I wish the sideboard weren't such a neon yellow ... which totally defeats the purpose of the entire design scheme, I know. :)

Kim Grey said...

I like that white one, as well. It would work well in many rooms.

Yes, the yellow one is a bit bright--but so eye-catching! (That's why I chose it for the top image.)

I'm still trying to picture where we could fit in a sideboard in our apartment. If the right one comes along, I may have to rearrange to make room for it!