19 October 2012

Room Love: Mint

Mint green is still trending in a big way in the fashion world, and this fabulous colour is featuring in many a stylish room, as well.

I'm on the hunt for mint home accessories, like a cushion for the sofa, and maybe a thrift store lamp painted mint, to add a splash of colour in my home for spring and summer. I absolutely love the mint pendant lights with gold on the inside, and the mint chair, shown above. It's amazing how a single accent colour can make a huge difference in a room.


Hope you all are having a lovely week. I'm really looking forward to a couple of things going on this weekend. 

First, I'm planning to show Glen and his daughters how to carve a Jack-O-Lantern tomorrow, to prepare for our first Halloween together. That should be interesting (I'm expecting to hear some "ewww"'s from my audience, when I pull out the pumpkin "guts"). Halloween is beginning to catch on here in Australia, which makes me very happy. I hope this will become a favourite family tradition for all of us.

On Sunday, we're going to the Adelaide Home and Gardening Show, which I'm sure I will enjoy. Obviously, I love that kinda thing. I will be like a kid in a candy store there! Maybe I will take some photos to use in a post about the show. (If I'm not too busy daydreaming about my Dream House!)

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!

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