29 October 2013

hour by hour

Levi and I are home from the hospital now. It's wonderful to be back home, with Glen, being a happy little family. Everything seems different since I've had a baby. My perspective has shifted dramatically. It's pretty amazing. There have been some frustrating moments, some sleepless nights, but the three of us are slowly settling into a routine. Glen and I are getting by, hour by hour, taking care of Levi's needs, along with ours. We are really living in the moment. I'm so lucky to have a wonderful man, who is taking such good care of me, as I heal, and to have such a beautiful baby boy to hold in my arms. It's been quite an extraordinary first week together.

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22 October 2013

baby love

As you may have guessed, from my lack of posting here, my beautiful baby boy has made his grand entrance into the world.

Levi Charles was born on Friday, 18 October. I'm in love with his little round face and dark hair. Glen and I couldn't be happier. 

I'm still in hospital, recovering, since I had a Caesarean section. (I won't go into the unpleasant details. I'll just tell you that it was an emergency, not planned.) Once breastfeeding is established, Levi and I will get to go home, to start living our happy little family life. 

17 October 2013

Colours, Quirks, & Collages

Rooms with the most personality, the most intriguing moods--really, the most memorable spaces--seem to me to always have something special about them, whether it's gorgeous colours, an interesting display of artwork, or a unique, quirky element. Such rooms must be a true pleasure to live in, making you feel relaxed, inspired, and refreshed. At least, that's how I feel, when looking at images like these. I hope you do, too.

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16 October 2013

Wedding Wednesday | Lovely Rings

As always, lovely wedding rings make me swoon...









My favourite styles are the most delicate, the ones with exquisite tiny details. The rose gold look is quite pretty. I adore the ring with a halo of diamonds in rose gold. I'm surprised to see yellow gold rings becoming more popular, since it has been quite a number of years since that style of wedding ring has been in favour. Everything circles back in fashion, it seems. I'm loving the pale pink morganite rings, for their subtle colour. Halo styles have utterly captured my heart, especially those with very thin pave bands. They're just beautiful!

Which wedding ring styles are your favourites?

15 October 2013

Breezy California Chic

Palest greys, blues, lavenders, and whites, warmed by soft wood tones, create a breezy mood in this California home. Designed by Windsor Smith for the family of film director/producer Shawn Levy, his wife, Serena, and their four young daughters, the mid-century home is imbued with a chic tranquillity, through carefully-crafted design. The high ceilings, ample windows, and sandblasted wooden beams lend an airy feel, while the cozy furniture and elegant accents ground the rather grand proportions of the spaces. 

"It's a bohemian, artistic, vibrant, theatrical household," Smith says. The formal dining room has been turned into a music room, because each member of the family plays an instrument. The sunlight-filled open-plan living-kitchen-dining room is at one end of the house, while a more formal living room is at the front. A perfect place to unwind at the end of the day, the master bedroom's spare furnishings allow nothing to distract the eye. The house is wrapped around lush gardens, giving all of the rooms lovely views of nature. I'm imagining many wonderfully relaxed family moments going on in this beautiful home.

{all images via Veranda}

Artist Spotlight | Yolanda Sanchez

When I came across the work of Yolanda Sanchez, her colourful, energetic paintings made me want to see more and more of her work. What is there not to love about such beautiful colours and dancing brush strokes?

Ms. Sanchez, a clinical psychologist and painter, is inspired by nature, poetry, dance, calligraphy, and Asian art. The Cuban-American artist works with oil on paper or canvas to create layered compositions, as a way of recording her thoughts and emotions. “Making art, for me, is a way of being present in the world; it is an act of attention,” she says. “And through this attention, I give back and offer praise to the world. As such, my work is celebratory, expanding, opening, and about offering pleasure.”

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