15 October 2013

Artist Spotlight | Yolanda Sanchez

When I came across the work of Yolanda Sanchez, her colourful, energetic paintings made me want to see more and more of her work. What is there not to love about such beautiful colours and dancing brush strokes?

Ms. Sanchez, a clinical psychologist and painter, is inspired by nature, poetry, dance, calligraphy, and Asian art. The Cuban-American artist works with oil on paper or canvas to create layered compositions, as a way of recording her thoughts and emotions. “Making art, for me, is a way of being present in the world; it is an act of attention,” she says. “And through this attention, I give back and offer praise to the world. As such, my work is celebratory, expanding, opening, and about offering pleasure.”

{images and information found here, hereand here}

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