30 January 2012

Erin Fetherston's NYC Loft

The ethereal aesthetic of fashion designer Erin Fetherston is beautifully applied to her Tribeca loft in New York City. Opening a pair of enormous swirling metal and glass doors allows you to enter a romantic and elegant living space, punctuated by uniquely personal elements and glamorous accessories. 

A soft cool green colour on the walls of the living-dining room creates a tranquil haven, despite the massive scale of the space. Look at that delightful flower-bedecked light above the dining table (by the way, the candles are electric). In the master bedroom, a huge Asian painting, leaning casually against the floor, ties in the delicate shades of pink and gold used as accents in the austere yet enchanting space.

I can just imagine being invited to a dinner party she has hosted, such as one where she provided glittery animal masks for each guest, upon their place settings. And wouldn't you love to explore her clothes closet? I know I would!

29 January 2012

Sunday Brunch: a gluten-free menu

 Brussel sprouts with chorizo sausages and onion

Yesterday, my boyfriend, Glen, and I hosted lunch for a couple of friends of ours, one of whom is gluten intolerant. When we were planning the get-together, we weren't sure whether we were going to brunch or lunch, at first. So, I had looked into recipes for either occasion. 

We ended up having a very informal barbecue-style lunch--complete with Australia-shaped burgers, for their kitsch appeal, sausages, and chicken. The wine we served was a lovely sparkling rose from Banrock Station. Our friends brought a green salad and a couscous salad. We had strawberries and cream for dessert. (Glen and I had planned to make strawberry ice cream, but we were rather lazy the night before! oops)

I'm off on a tangent! I meant to tell you about the brunch recipes I had found. Anyway... here they are. I have made Spanish-style tortillas before, and I can tell you that they are delicious. I have yet to try the other dishes, shown above. Of course, the raspberries over custard would be very easy and simple, and would work well with yogurt or ice cream. I would really like to make the poached eggs over polenta, with pesto (minus the olives, since I'm not a fan of them--I'd just use fresh basil pesto). That recipe looks so tasty! If anyone tries it, let me know how it went.

Have a great week, everyone!

27 January 2012

Fab Frock Friday: a few beauties

Here are a few beauties I've come across lately, for FFF...

It is a holiday weekend, here in Oz, since yesterday was Australia Day. Glen and I will be hosting lunch for a couple of friends on Saturday. It will be great to visit with them. I'm really looking forward to it.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Cheers!

26 January 2012


(source unknown)
(source unknown)
(source unknown)

I'm imagining an airy light-filled loft space, with lots of white, mirrors, and a handful of beautiful well-chosen pieces. 

Somehow, when you put together the things you truly love, it just works.

25 January 2012

Wedding Wednesday: ombre petal path

Isn't this ombre rose petal path so pretty? It would be lovely outdoors, too.

23 January 2012

A manor house in Kent, England

I have always daydreamed --and probably romanticized, the vision of living in a timelessly elegant house made of stone... like this gorgeous manor home located in Kent, England. 

I love the lounge, with its curved fireplace and antiqued mirror walls, on either side, and the wall sconces. The home's subdued colour scheme, with touches of green, deep purple, and grey-violet, is beautiful. Would you just look at that lovely archway with the intricate carved wood? The garden looks as if it must be equally marvelous.