13 January 2012

Fab Frock Friday: if I were a dress...

I would be this pale pink ruffled gown... (sigh) A girl can dream, right?

Happy weekend to you all!


Berta Balinho Moreira said...

Beautiful! Whose the designer?
Regards from Portugal!
Congratulations for your lovely blog!

Elle said...

I love it! What a gorgeous gown, and a great thought! If I was a gown I think I would be a brilliant emerald green gown that had a feminine yet minx side! :)

~ Elle

Kim Grey said...

Thanks for dropping by!

I wish I knew who designed this dress. The source of the image didn't say. In any case, I think it is lovely.

tiny dancer said...

Such a gorgeous dress! If I owned it, I'd wear it every day after work, just so I could laze around in ruffles all night :P le sigh. Cute blog you have here :) Happy Weekend!


Lisa Maria said...

That gown is so beautiful! Seeing as my closet is mostly creams and blush pinks - I think I would be this gown, as well :). Hope you are having a great weekend!

Kim Grey said...

Lazing around in ruffles sounds good to me!

My weekend is going quite well so far. My only complaint is that I have a slight tummy ache from drinking too much cheap champagne last night.

I'm learning that you get what you pay for when it comes to drinking bubbly, after this experience. haha

Style Maniac said...

I love that thought -- "If I were a dress" -- really makes you think about your own style. I guess I'd be a LBD with leopard lining ;)