04 January 2012

Wedding Wednesday: 1920s Style Headbands


(source unknown)

I have been noticing a vogue for 1920s-inspired headbands for brides, for the last several months. (I blame my Pinterest addiction for knowing such things.)

Maybe it is because Baz Luhrman is filming a remake of The Great Gatsby... or maybe 1920s fashions seem to symbolize a kind of romantic decadence directly in contrast to the financial depression going on both then and now... or maybe it is simply because they are something different and pretty to look at... 

Whatever the reason for the emergence of this trend, I think the 1920s flapper headband look is lovely.


In Good Taste said...

These are so beautiful! Great finds!

sarah said...

Where can I buy them

Kim Grey said...

Hi Sarah,

You may find such styles on etsy, such as a few shown above. I provided links to most of the images. Just click on the triple asterisk symbol underneath an image to connect to the source.

Lilly Indino said...

Love them all