16 May 2014

Fab Frock Friday | Glittering Night Glamour

Last night, while sipping champagne with my man, celebrating our anniversary, I was captivated by photos we had taken in Chicago, of the city's glittering lights, from high above. Those views were absolutely magical! There is something so dazzling about being high up above a big city, looking out across the myriad lit-up buildings.

This sparkling sequin gown by Rosa Clara so perfectly echoes the city lights the model is gazing upon. 

To live such a glamorous life, to have such a moment, wearing such a dress....

{image via dustjacket attic}

10 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the moms out there! I hope you will be surrounded by love and loveliness, and get to relax on this special day.

I'm so excited to celebrate my first Mother's Day tomorrow! Having my sweet baby boy is certainly the best gift I could ever ask for. Now I feel like I truly understand the meaning of this holiday--and it will be fabulous to enjoy being the one celebrated, of course! My fiance is going to make dinner, which will include oysters Kilpatrick, I'm told. Sounds fancy. I'm liking this holiday already!

my sweet boy, Levi, age 6 months

Here are a few lovely things which, I'm sure, many moms would love to have...

05 May 2014

a perfectly imperfect pale pink room

This is one of those rooms which looks so unique, so artfully formed, that it will stay etched in my mind for a very long time. The pale, warm pink wall colour unites the collage of artwork, while a smattering of intense blue accent pieces play off the soft pink, adding just the right touch of zingy colour. Every piece in the room seems collected out of love, over time. All of the room's elements create a personal mish-mash of loveliness. It's not overly-designed. This room is perfect in its imperfection. And that's why I love it so.

{image via The Zhush}

02 May 2014

Fab Frock Friday | Black, White & Blue

This collection by Katie Ermilio for FW 2012 caught my eye today. My favourite piece is the dress featuring a black bodice and bright blue skirt. The contrast between the two colours is so striking, and the billowing mermaid cut of the skirt is simply fabulous. This dress may not have much embellishment, just a bit of texture on the sleeves, but it is definitely worthy of a second glance. The entire collection is similarly subdued, yet dramatic. What do you think?

{all images found here, where you can see more of the collection}