09 December 2014

Modern Glamour

You all know I love a little glamour. Just as accessories make an outfit, such as a gorgeous statement necklace adding the perfect touch to a dress, beautiful decorative accents, unique artworks, and statement-making furniture can make a room. 

Furniture company Modani challenged me to reflect my fashion style in a living room. When I looked through my favourite fashion images and my favourite living rooms, I realized that I love seeing a touch of glamour in both. 

I'm envisioning a beautiful living room using some of my favourite colours, blue, pink, lilac, grey, white, chocolate, and gold, with a few modern furniture pieces, a handful of glamorous accessories, great lighting, bold patterned textiles, some warm wooden elements, and eye-catching artwork. This is the kind of lounge room I would love to spend busy family days in, and then wind down in the evenings with a nice glass of wine, amid candlelight. 

Do you like a little modern glamour in your living room? What stylish decor accents do you love?

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07 November 2014

Room Love | Sun Rooms

Since the temperatures are starting to rise, as summer approaches, here in Australia, I'm remembering favourite summery places, and daydreaming about recreating them somehow. 

I would love to have a sun room or screened-in porch, where I could idle away a few hours, feeling a warm breeze coming through the windows, as I read a deliciously engrossing novel. Sun rooms and screened-in porches are so wonderful for enjoying warm weather, and even for cooler weather, like autumn and spring. Our winters are very mild, so we could even use such a room then. It would be the very hot days of summer when we would steer clear of sun rooms, preferring, instead, to be tucked away in the comfort of air-conditioning.

For my dream sun room, I'm picturing gorgeous rugs on a wooden floor, big windows with bamboo roller blinds, lots of green plants and ivy, Moroccan tables and lanterns, wicker furniture, and some big cozy sofas with artfully mismatched cushions to lean against, and a big antique birdcage, just to look at (I'm a cat person, not a bird lover). Throw in a record player , candlelight, and some wine, and you've got a very relaxing evening going on.

Yes, that sounds very good right now....

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05 November 2014

Tempt me, turquoise...

I've always loved shades of aqua through turquoise--warm blues (which I know seems like an oxymoron, to some). Just let me swim in these beautiful blue hues for a little while...

 Saraille wallpaper by Designers Guild

Architect & designer, Stuart Church

 Jenny Packham

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