15 March 2017

sweet dreams are made of these

These beautiful bedrooms are the stuff that dreams are made of...

I cannot choose a favourite style for the bedroom. There are just so many beauties out there. As you can see, I will never tire of seeing a gorgeous wallpaper in a bedroom. I'm also a huge fan of having a bedroom--or any room, which creates a special atmosphere, with colours that sing, a mix of personal artifacts, things that are unique. I love a space that isn't afraid to have personality. I feel that a bedroom is the perfect place to indulge in your most dramatic fantasies, because it is such a private space. I also enjoy a more laid-back, soothing palette in a bedroom, with comfort being the key. 

So, go for that bold dark hue or wild, wonderful wallpaper. Or pare things back to the simplest, most relaxing elements. It's just for you.

May your dreams be sweet....

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