30 June 2016

Magical Metallics

It's amazing the magic a little metal can create... 

A glimmer of gold... Framing a view... Lines like drawings structuring a room... Shimmering patterns upon a wall... 

The possibilities are endless.

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26 June 2016

Happy Weekend

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend. Ours has been pretty relaxed... Baking cookies, humming along to Nina Simone in the kitchen, a beautiful drive through the hills to a favorite town, a visit to a pop-up market... Wishing it could last a little longer....

By the way, the chai banana bread, pictured below (see link for recipe) is SO good! I made it a couple of weekends ago. Let me tell you, the recipe is a keeper. I love chai lattes and I love anything drizzled in a sugary glaze. This bread (or cake, really--I mean, it has frosting, so it must be cake, right?) is wonderful. Try it the next time you've got a few overripe bananas sitting around.

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21 June 2016

Black, White, and Gold Bathrooms

I have decided that my dream bathroom would have to be black, white, and gold. Let's face it, bathrooms can be pretty boring, right? But the bold, glamorous look of black, white, and gold makes even the most boring room in the house feel like someplace special. Here is some inspiration for you...

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15 June 2016

04 June 2016

A-Frame House Love

I have a thing for A-frame houses. I don't know if it's the vintage vacation house vibe or my memories of seeing them tucked away in lush wooded spots back home in Ohio... Anyway, I think they're pretty cool. I just felt like crushing on A-frames tonight, and sharing them with you. Enjoy.

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