02 January 2012

Neutral territory

 photo by Vicki Archer for French Essence

Who says you need colour to create a beautiful room? These images suggest otherwise.

I find these rooms soothing yet dramatic, lacking nothing for want of colour. Contrasts of light and dark, fascinating objects and artwork, along with touches of ornamentation, combine to entice the eye in these spaces. 

A single pop of colour, like the fuschia pillow in the last image, can be the perfect punctuation mark in a neutral room. I especially like the shimmering surface of the dresser, in that room, juxtaposed with the soft grey walls. Greenery, such as a potted topiary, brings a natural element inside the home.


Kendall said...

Soft grey is one of my favorite paint colors. Benjamin Moore Grey Owl is what I've used in several spaces in my house. Very soothing!

Kim Grey said...

I love soft greys, too. I'm sure one day I will paint a room or two grey in "The Dream House". I also wear grey quite often. I just never get tired of looking at that colour.