01 October 2013

My Dream Bedroom

I've been thinking a lot about The Dream House lately, and today I'm envisioning my dream bedroom. Being of a romantic nature, and a lover of all things feminine and pretty (in case you haven't noticed), I would love to have my bedroom be a sophisticated, romantic space.

I'm picturing a colour scheme of lilac, mocha, and grey, with a bit of pale pink, aqua, and black for accent colours. The walls would be a subtle grey-lilac, with a shimmery wallpapered feature wall behind the bed. The floor would be a dark wood. The bed would have a dark grey tufted headboard, preferably a bit taller than average, to lean against comfortably, for reading in bed. There would be a fabulously huge and organised closet, of course. I'd want a beautiful chandelier, pretty mirrors, and gorgeous fabrics. I have a vintage print by Alberto Vargas, which I'm going to frame and hang in the bedroom. For some Old Hollywood-style glamour, I would love to have a mirrored vanity and an elegant chaise longue or small sofa, to sit on. Lovely accents, like vintage glass bowls to hold jewelry, and a pair of beautiful bedside lamps, would add some pretty finishing touches.

I've been so inspired by the incredibly beautiful range of furniture at The French Bedroom Company. If I could, I would love to get a bunch of pieces from their amazing collections. I'm smitten with the old-fashioned romantic feel of their furniture. Maybe one day, they will come to Australia. A girl can dream!

Until G and I build or buy The Dream House, I'm going to keep daydreaming about each space (obsessively!). Then, when it finally happens, I'll know exactly how to create the perfect home--I just have to convince G to agree with all of my design choices. That is wishful thinking!

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P.S. Baby update... I'm due in about two weeks, just so you all know. If I disappear for a bit, I'm probably a little busy with, oh, you know, labour and life-with-a-new-baby kinda stuff. I have been telling myself that I'll prepare a week's worth of blog posts, to stay on the ball, but, honestly, I don't really see that happening. It's quite exhausting to be heavily pregnant, so I'm trying to take it easy, and just wait for the big event. But, don't worry! I will be posting as often as possible, and as beautiful material as ever, I promise! Stay tuned...!