26 February 2012

dreamy houses

Yesterday, my boyfriend, Glen, and I visited a home display village, where we walked through six different houses. We're considering building our own home, in a couple of years, and we are trying to get a better idea of what we would like our dream house to be like. Let's just say that two passionate people trying to figure out what they want makes for a very interesting afternoon!

At least we are starting to picture what our new house could be like. Walking through the display homes really helped us to get a better perspective on the way the rooms are laid out, the proportions of the spaces, and the way different sorts of spaces look and feel.

Since I'm in house daydreaming-mode now, I thought I'd share some inspiring images of dream-worthy houses with you today.

Soon, I would like to put together a blog of images of what the interior of my Dream House would look like (as long as Glen would let me get my way!). A girl can dream, right? I'm sure, over time, I will be blogging more and more about my house daydreams and plans. One day, I hope to show you the finished product!

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend. Cheers!


Meghan @ Wishful Thinking said...

Ah wow! So much loveliness here! Any one of these house would be my dream house! The lime green door and shutters in the first image stole my heart!

michele said...

my favorite is the smallest one! that quaint cottage is just so welcoming. it all starts with a dream!



Laurie Eno / The Daily Corgi said...

I love almost all these photos and I look forward to your eventual house adventure. I am sure the end result will be marvelous, even if there is compromise involved :).

Bridget {The Tai Tai} said...

Are you on Pinterest? Definitely the best way to organise your images and inspiration! Such an exciting thought to build your own home x

Kim Grey said...

Thank you all for your comments!

Yes, I'm on Pinterest (and obsessed with it!). That's where I found most of these images, actually.

I also have an enormous collection of images in my Dream House folder, on my computer.

Putting together all of my favourite elements --and letting Glen have a say in things, will be a terrific challenge.

We really liked one of the display homes we saw. If we'd change a few things, it would be pretty close to perfect, I think. :)

Erika Peterson said...

There is not a single house on this post that I don't love. That glass house on the water would be so great!

Kim Grey said...

That lake view is so beautiful! It reminds me of places where I used to go hiking, back home in Ohio.