23 February 2012

A chic dollhouse for grown-up girls

When I was a little girl, I had a dollhouse, which my dad had made for me from a kit. It was one of the best Christmas presents I've ever been lucky enough to receive. The dollhouse was yellow, with black shutters. I had so much fun playing house, imagining how I could dress up the rooms, and what I would do if it were a real house. 

Imagining rooms is still my favourite game to play, --only now I want a real house, to make my designing daydreams come true.


When I saw this adorable dollhouse, on Making It Lovely, I wanted to move right in! The pink, black, and pale green colour scheme, chic accessories, and fab wallpapers are all so pretty, they would make any grown-up-sized house feel jealous.

Read about how the dollhouse was created, and see more detail shots here.


Style Maniac said...

How fabulous! And there's even a dollhouse in the dollhouse!

I too loved to play with my doll house and miniatures when I was little. And guess what? I grew up to be a decorator.

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Such incredible details!
Much better than my niece's Barbie's doll house for sure!

Sara Russell Interiors said...

So cute!! I had a doll house when I was younger!

xo Sara