09 February 2012

sea view

I'm craving a view of the sea, like the one seen from this fabulous house. I'm guessing, seeing as there is a Norfolk Island Pine tree on the right, that this home is somewhere in Australia, since those trees grow all along the coast here.

Lucky for me, G just got word that he can take a week off work in early March. That means (sing it with me) HOLIDAY! Celebrate! ... Ok, sorry for the Madonna reference. I couldn't help myself. 

I'm excited that we will be going away on holiday. We're planning to revisit a couple of our favourite spots, including a lovely town on the sea, as well as possibly visiting Melbourne, which would be my first time seeing the city.


Laurie Eno / The Daily Corgi said...

I will enjoy your vacation (holiday) vicariously! That is a beautiful view in that photo ... paradise.

Kim Grey said...

I will try to take some good photos, on our travels (try is the key word here!).