01 March 2012

Home Office Chic

Who says a home office has to be a boring, purely functional space? These stylish home offices are full of personality.


 Living etc. October 2008







Unique pieces of furniture, colourful wallpaper, elegant mirrors, and eye-catching accessories can all be used to add a little pizzazz to your home office. Don't forget to hang some art work, photos, or other wall decor, like the ensemble of sweet bird-theme embroidered wall hangings, shown above. My big pet peeve about home offices is seeing ugly desk chairs. Notice that every office in these images has a great chair--one you would never find in an office supply store. I think clear lucite chairs always look fabulous.


I would love to have a white Parsons desk and a fab yet comfy desk chair, maybe in dark purple leather, like the one shown below, in my ideal office/ studio space (for painting, sewing, and other craftiness). I would also want the space to have loads of natural light, a fabulous central light fixture, white floors, a collage inspiration board, and white storage/ shelving. I'm envisioning one pink accent wall in the space, and maybe another wall covered in a pretty wallpaper, with the rest of the walls being bright white. If I could really have it all, in my dream office/ studio, there would be french doors leading out to the garden.


 Domino (oh, how I miss that magazine!)

What would your dream home office look like?


Inga said...

I would apply for a job in your home office ;) You might need someone to empty your bin, clean the french doors and water your flowers in the garden. I would love a home office and I will have one, one day.

Anonymous said...

That was an amazing show- loved them all!

Kim Grey said...

Thank you!

Inga, that sounds good to me--especially the part about watering the garden, since I'm not much of a "green thumb". :)

Best Keptself said...

Absolutely wonderful. I will definitely share it. Thank you!