05 March 2012

The Wanderers

I'm feeling a bit of wanderlust, since I'm about to go away on holiday, for a few days, with my beloved G. This fashion spread suits my mood today. Hope you all enjoy it too!

(Photography by Lincoln Pilcher for Vogue Australia, found at Dust Jacket)


Elle said...

Lovely! I love all the white and black! The swim suit is wonderful! Have fun on your holiday! Where are you going?

~ Elle

Kim Grey said...

Thanks, Elle!

We are going to take a road trip down to Melbourne, Victoria, which is in the next state east of ours (South Australia). This will be my first visit to Melbourne. I'm excited to see a new city.

Glen and I always have a great time when we take road trips together. We're going to drive along the Great Ocean Road for part of the journey, which will be beautiful, no doubt.

Style Maniac said...

I've got some serious Spring wanderlust myself. Lucky you to be getting away -- enjoy!