20 March 2012







While I'm not usually a rustic kinda gal, whenever I see a home with a high ceiling and exposed beams, something in me yearns to be there. Include a fireplace, give me a nice warm cup of cocoa, and I'd stay forever.

I'm really liking the look of a stained wooden ceiling with beams painted white--the reverse of the often-seen white ceiling with stained wood beams. Being a fan of bright airy spaces, I also like the whole ceiling and beams all painted white, like in the gorgeous bedroom with sea views.


Home-hunting update... A weekend visit to a display home village has once again turned the tide in favour of building, not buying, our new home. Glen and I fell in love with a house design which has huge windows looking onto the garden, a beautiful master bedroom suite, and a perfect floorplan. We want it. Badly. It is The One. Even the kids (Glen's daughters) liked the house (of course, the main reason the eldest girl liked it so much was the size of the TV in the lounge, but that's all right.). Now we are daydreaming of living there, and what a sweet vision it is. It's time to save up, do some research, and pray that land prices will fall dramatically--and the sooner the better!


Anonymous said...

Hello Kim!
Those inside spindly trees are just amazing... trust me to zone in on the branchy shot!
Good luck with your house hunting... my brother is an architect for a building firm and could help out if you need? Just flick me an email if you want more info.
And lastly, welcome to Adelaide. Must organise a blogger catch up x

Kim Grey said...

I love those birch trees, too. They would look great with Cole & Son's "Woods" wallpaper in my Dream House.

Thank you for your kind comment, Emma. It's lovely to hear from a fellow blogger, in Adelaide, and it would be nice to meet up in person sometime. :)