29 March 2012

Moooi makes me smile



Like a fireworks show for your ceiling... 

The Raimond light by Moooi is a dazzling sphere of tiny white LED lights. I love seeing this light in a grouping, suspended in a huge space, like at Aria Ristorante in Toronto, Canada. Imagine having one of those lights hanging in a lounge or over a dining table. Wouldn't that be fabulous?


Inga said...

WOW, It looks great! I haven´t seen it before..

Gild and Grace said...

These make such a big impact! Just perfect for a fabulous restaurant :)

Abbey x

Style Maniac said...

Ooh, I love it! Like a prettier version of a disco ball ;)

p.s. Kim, I featured your lovely blog on my Style Maniac Facebook Page today. Thanks for all the prettiness!

Kim Grey said...

Thank you so much, Style Maniac! :)