19 September 2013

A Fairy Tale Chateau

Imagine being greeted by a pair of unicorns upon your arrival at a fantastic French chateau...

While this fanciful introduction may not be entirely real, there is a bit of truth to the idea. A pair of horses' heads, with narwhal tusks added, mounted up high in the entryway of this whimsical French chateau do, indeed, make their presence known. The rest of this extraordinary mansion is equally marvelous. Full of treasures ranging from antiques to modern design icons, artwork, and objects from all over the world, this magical chateau is a wonderland of strange and beautiful things.

The Chateau de la Goujeonnerie, located in the Vendee, France, is the creation of the three men behind the famous London restaurant, bar, and design shop, Les Trois Garcons, who designed it to be a holiday getaway. Built in 1872, this national treasure has 22 rooms over three floors, a lake, and views of rolling green hills in the distance. The chateau is available to be rented by visitors, going for around $12,000 for a weekend, in case you are interested in seeing this amazing abode for yourself.

When the trio bought the chateau, in 2006, it had been derelict for eight years. They set about transforming the chateau from top to bottom. Finally, in 2011, the work was complete. All 22 rooms are used. With respect to the chateau's rich past, modern comforts and amenities are also found throughout the mansion, including a heated pool between the rose and vegetable gardens, a gym with massage room/ sauna in the basement, and a media room/ disco near the kitchen. 

I would imagine there must never be a dull moment in such a grand place. 'When we leave the chateau we are always thinking about returning as soon as possible,’ one of the owners said. 'In fact, we never want to leave. That’s how we know we have created something really special.'

Maybe in the next lifetime, I will have a ridiculous amount of money, so I can design a fabulous chateau, like this, to play in. 
Dare to dream...!

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Anne said...

That row of chandeliers in the dining room, oh my! Gorgeous!