08 September 2013

Casas Na Areia

A feeling of tranquility seems to envelop the beach houses of Casas Na Areia in Comporta, Portugal. The sandy floors of the living and dining areas cause guests to slow down their pace, encouraging relaxation. Views of peaceful scenery add to the calm mood of this lovely holiday getaway.

The cottages are located in a nature reserve, with an estuary full of beautiful birds, including flamingos, and a river which is home to schools of dolphins. The beach is just a few minutes away by car, or about twenty minutes away by bicycle. Guests may use one of the bicycles provided, if they like. A swimming pool located on the property is also available for guests' enjoyment.

I love the natural building materials of wood and straw used throughout the houses, along with the simple white furnishings. There is nothing in the design of the cottages to distract your eye from the beauty of nature. I would definitely enjoy staying in such soothing surrounds. How about you?

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