16 September 2013

New Colours by Farrow & Ball for 2013

Dimpse No. 277

 Mole's Breath No.276

 Nancy's Blushes No. 278

 Purbeck Stone No. 275

 St. Giles Blue No. 280

 Wevet No. 273

 Yellowcake No. 279

 Ammonite No. 274

Stiffkey Blue No. 281

As someone who is very much obsessed with colour, I was quite excited to see Farrow & Ball's new paint colours for 2013, when I saw them, over the weekend, on one of my favourite blogs, Mademoiselle Poirot

I used to spend hours upon hours looking at paint chips, simply for the pleasure of doing so. I lived in an apartment with off-white walls, and had absolutely no use for paint colours, other than daydreams. I guess not much has changed, in that respect. I'm currently living in an apartment with walls painted the same ubiquitous off-white hue (strangely, the exact same droll shade seems to be used in every apartment both here in Australia and back home in the States). I still daydream about colour every day.

I'm rambling... Let's get back to Farrow & Ball. Their 2013 colours, as they say on their site, were inspired by their Dorset roots and the coastline there. Their 2013 palette consists of four neutrals, three brighter shades, and two dark hues. While some of the new colours seem a bit drab, to me, I know that wall colours are all about context. Just because a colour, on its own, may seem boring or garish, or something in-between, doesn't mean much at all. What matters is how and where the colour is used. After a bit of consideration, I've realized that every single colour in this new range is exquisite in its own way.

What do you think? Do you have a favourite? How would you use these colours?

{all images found at Farrow & Ball}

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