10 December 2012

Too Easy

I have got to tell you all about this amazing brown sugar scrub that I've been using. It really is "too easy" to make, as Aussies say. Whether you would want to make it for yourself, like I did, or make a batch for Christmas gifts, this scrub should seriously be on your DIY list.

Here's the story...

Last week, I was looking online for an easy and inexpensive homemade facial scrub recipe, because I had run out of my favourite green tea scrub (months ago, actually), and my skin was not looking very happy about it. Being a frugalista these days, I decided to try making one. The scrub recipe with the fewest ingredients, those items which I already had--and always have, in my kitchen, was the one I decided to try. I found the recipe here.

Here's the recipe...

All you need to do is use twice as much brown sugar as olive oil, like 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/4 cup olive oil. Mix it together in a small plastic container (I would not recommend using a glass jar in the shower, in case it would break). That's it! Now you have a yummy scrub which your face will love.

After having used the scrub for a week, I can tell you that my skin is looking and feeling much better--cleaner pores, moisturized, supple, and soft texture. 

To use, just apply a dab of the sugar scrub on each area of your face, and then quickly scrub your skin, because the sugar crystals will dissolve pretty rapidly once they get wet. Also, I recommend using a gentle cream cleanser to wash the scrub off, like Cetaphil or a generic version.

This brown sugar scrub would make a fabulous gift. Just gussy up the container with a ribbon bow and a label, and voila! A perfectly pretty little present.

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michele said...

a great gift idea!

feelin lucky? my giveaway is now open to everyone internationally.

smiles to you, sugar mama.


Kim Grey said...

Thanks, Michele! I'll have to pop over to your blog. :)