21 December 2012

Fab Frock Friday: Blue Hues


Last night, I dreamed about blue gowns. I must be in the mood for cool blue hues. Maybe it is the summer heat getting to me, inspiring me to long for cooler colours.

Well, I'm enjoying looking at these lovely blue dresses for Fab Frock Friday, and I hope you will enjoy seeing them, too.

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone.


michele said...

now this is my idea of the blues! and what a relief from all the red and gingerbread in blog lala land!

smiles to you.


Kim Grey said...

Good to see you, Michele!

I'm not a fan of the colour red at all, and I've even banned the colour from our holiday decorations this year.

I'd much rather look at cool blues and greens, and softer hues. I'm just a cool colour kinda gal, I guess.

Anne said...

Gorgeous selections! There's no better eye candy than beautiful photos of beautiful dresses... more please!

Kim Grey said...

Thanks for dropping by, Anne! I couldn't agree more. :)