05 December 2011

Home Sweet Home


Hello, all! I've made it back to Adelaide, Australia, safe and sound. I'm so happy to be with my wonderful man, again. Life is good. 

The trip was very long and tiring (I was in transit for about 33 hours, crossing over 10,000 miles). But it was well worth it, to bring me back to my new home--all for the sake of love.

Yesterday, Glen and I took a drive to Angaston, a favorite town out in wine country. We strolled up and down the main street, and browsed at an antiques shop, located in an old church. Then we dined on meat pies for lunch at a local bakery. We drove through the rolling hills of the Barossa, admiring the serene little towns and the rhythm of grapevines. How I have missed such lovely afternoons!

Today, I've been settling into our new place, sorting my things, and getting organized a bit. The jet lag has abated. I feel rested and happy.

I will get back to blogging beautiful things tomorrow.


Inga said...

That sounds perfect :)

Laurie Eno / The Daily Corgi said...

I have happy-all-over chills for you. There is one more reunited happy couple in the world.

Hip hip hooray!