04 August 2013

An Enchanting Oasis in the Desert

If you're longing to escape to somewhere exotic, relaxing, and beautiful--even if it is just for a little virtual holiday--then look no further than Korakia Pensione in Palm Springs. As their website says "Crafted after a Mediterranean-style pensione, Korakia blends the silhouette of Tangier with a whisper of the Mediterranean."

The villa offers delicious breakfasts, Moroccan tea service in the afternoons, massage, wellness retreats, yoga, spa services, and poolside lounging and swimming. You will also find charmingly old-fashioned entertainment options, such as reading vintage books, playing bocce ball, and watching classic and foreign films in the garden at night. This holiday getaway seems to have a vibe all its own. 

Sounds fabulous to me! Personally, I would love to laze about in that gorgeous outdoor bed, with drink in hand... like this stone fruit sangria.

{all images of Korakia Pensione found here}

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