14 August 2013

Naked Cakes

For day three of Wedding Week, I thought I would tempt your taste buds, as well as your eyes. 

Naked cakes have been trending lately, in the wedding world, and they are fascinating me. (As you can see, naked cakes are simply unfrosted layer cakes.) I love how informal they look, and how seeing the layers makes them appear very appetizing. My favourites are those lightly dusted in sugar. It seems like anything covered with powdered sugar looks incredibly delicious and pretty at the same time.

Would you dare to go bare with your wedding cake? I probably wouldn't, honestly, do it for my own wedding cake, but I wouldn't mind having a naked cake for a birthday or holiday celebration. As much as I like frosting (I have a major sweet tooth!), some cakes really are tastier without it, allowing the cake and filling flavours to take centre stage.

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