29 July 2013

beautiful books

During the last couple of weeks, I've had the pleasure of spending some time with two beautiful French-themed books. Got to love the library!

I had been meaning to check out Vicki Archer's lovely book French Essence for a while. I have been following her gorgeous blog, of the same name, for a long time, and I always enjoy reading about her life in France, and seeing the exquisite images she posts. While looking through French Essence, I found myself transported to life in Provence, thanks to phenomenal photos by Carla Coulson, along with Vicki Archer's delicious words. It was a journey of sensual delight, as you can see.

The other book I got out was another I had seen online, and had been meaning to look at. It was pure eye candy. I'm talking about Paris in Color by Nichole Robertson. I loved the book's theme of having each chapter be about a different colour. Also, I really enjoyed the way some elements, like doors, Vespas, and chairs, are repeated throughout the book, while other images are unique.

Both books were such a joy to look at. Next on my reading list will be Vicki Archer's other book, My French Life. I'm sure it will be equally as delightful.

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Heather Lindstrom said...

Lovely images and you will adore 'My French Life'. I own it and it is an inspiration for all things french and lovely.
xx, Heather @Stylemindchic