25 July 2013

A Romantic Villa in Italy

This 18th century mill in Friuli, Italy has been transformed into a breathtakingly beautiful villa. Architect/ designer Michelle Bonan has blended old world charm with contemporary elegance in the design of this magnificent property. She has carefully chosen antique furniture, tapestries, and objects to fill the home with timeless beauty. White stucco and turquoise blue shutters create a graceful facade. The lovely green and white garden is full of roses, boxwood, and jasmine, while the pool is set with delicate blue and white wrought iron French-style furniture, echoing the exterior colours of the home.

This exquisite place seems like a fairytale to me. I can just imagine spending long, leisurely days there, lounging by the pool, meandering through the gardens, having wonderful picnics and dinner parties, and happily basking in the sun. Couldn't you?

{all photos by Stefano Scata, found here}

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Suzan Sweatman said...

What a spectacular setting - love all the blues ( reminds me of France actually )
Thanks for sharing!