04 July 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July to everyone back home in the United States! 

I'm feeling a little homesick today, wishing I could spend the holiday having a BBQ with my family, and watching the fireworks over Lake Erie. Instead, for my own mini celebration tonight, I'm going to grill a couple of burgers and light some sparklers. I also plan to bake a batch of peanut butter cookies today, because they make me think of home.

Here are some links to a few July 4th-inspired projects and recipes, which I hope you will like. Maybe next year I will try a couple of them, and have a BBQ (maybe an indoor one, since it is winter here, in July) with my new family. After all, I plan to make sure that our little one will grow up celebrating American holidays--complete with lots of delicious American food!

Have a wonderful holiday!

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