09 August 2012

Lounge Love

A handful of lovely lounges for today's eye candy. Hope you will find them inspiring!

{image sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 unknown, 6 unknown, 7, 8 unknown, 9}


michele said...

omg i forgot how much i ADORE the word LOUNGE. thank you for this.

the room i have been referring to as the music room in our house. LOUNGE. it's all about the lounge, baby.

this is exciting, and i'll never tire of seeing that first image.



Kim Grey said...

Isn't the word "lounge" fabulous? I've always liked it. I used to have a hot pink neon sign that said "lounge", back in my cocktail party days (aka the late 90s).

Here in Australia, everyone seems to say lounge, rather than living room, so I've adopted it, too.