28 August 2012

Cosy on a grand scale

This beautiful California home somehow strikes just the right balance between cosy and grand. Sunlit spaces in this traditional Spanish-style house have a fabulous mix of Mid-Century Modern pieces, elegant lighting, and contemporary artwork, creating a sense of ease in every room. 

I would have no trouble making myself at home in this place! It is simply perfect.

{Interior design and styling by Lara McGraw; photography by Donna Griffith; featured in Style at Home}


michele said...

omg. when can i move in?

i simply want to live in these images.

grand but so live-able!

hope you'll visit soon.


The Snowdrop Project said...

What a wonderful home.
I love everything about it!
Hope you have a lovely day,

Mandi411 said...

Wish I was a decent enough designer where I could mix traditional and contemporary and the eclectic, much like that in these photos. *swoon*