02 April 2012


The written word--and I mean the hand-written word, not typed, texted, or otherwise machine-generated--has a power which we humans yearn to decipher. Whether it be a poem, a joke, or a love letter, written words call to us. They beg us to read them. Words evoke romance and drama, humour and pathos, serenity and pain. Very powerful stuff indeed.

There is the well-known phrase "A picture is worth a thousand words.", yet one word can bring to mind countless images. Take the word "love", for an obvious example.

Words beckon to us, tell our stories...

 (source unknown)





Anyway... I'm rambling! Just ignore my bemused blathering and take a look at these lovely script-inspired ideas for your home. 

Did you ever have a set of fridge fun poetry? Why stop there? Let's have some real fun! I'd love to use old book pages as wallpaper, like in a study or hallway. One day, I want to make my own version of those beautiful curtains, with a poem by Pablo Neruda. 

How about you? Would you cover a wall with words? Would you like to have a cushion expressing a favourite quote? --even if it is barely legible, perhaps the grand mutterings of a drunken revelry, or the adored first words of your child. Or maybe you would prefer to ink a secret line to your beloved inside a drawer. 

Hmmm... Where did I put that permanent marker?

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