24 April 2012

A room with a view...





How about building a simple shed, adding a glass-enclosed bedroom, in the woods, overlooking a beautiful lake? That is precisely what Avanto Architects and Linda Bergroth designed, for Kekkilä Garden in Finland. 

I'd love to spend the night in this lovely "garden shed", wouldn't you? Imagine the peaceful feeling of being surrounded by trees and water, and seeing stars overhead at night. It would be amazing!


Style Maniac said...

Absolutely darling. I want to move in.

Inga said...

This is the best idea EVER! I have even have a place in mind. Let´s do it!

Kim Grey said...

I'm sure you know a beautiful spot to build one of these sheds, Inga!

If I would have one, I would love to see a view of the Barossa wine country, with its rolling hills and vineyards, which is near where we live.

Jeanne and Rob's Adventures said...

Lovely, but...who cleans the windows?