05 April 2012

happy hues





Pretty pink, orange, blue, and gold... Such vibrant hues seem perfect for an Easter table setting, bringing to mind sunny gardens full of flowers. 

I'm so in the mood for colour right now. And chocolate--lots of chocolate! And good food, and sparkling wine (nothing unusual there). Oh, and bunnies, always love them.

For this Easter Sunday, I won't be doing anything fancy. I've opted for an easy lunch for two. I picked up a couple of pre-roasted duck legs, along with pancakes and veggies, all in a nice fuss-free package. I had considered roasting a duck, but I decided not to brave a new dish on a holiday. I'll save such adventures for another time! This weekend, I just want to relax with my sweetie.


Gild and Grace said...

That first chevron table is a fave of mine! Have a lovely Easter Kim :)

Abbey x

michele said...

soooooo happy. these images just made my morning. lovely.


Kellie Collis said...

Gorgeous table arrangements! The colour combinations are stunning! Enjoy the lovely weekend ahead, Kellie xx

Style Maniac said...

I've been smitten by the very same colors lately. So pretty.

Happy Easter.