11 February 2013

Lovely Monday

 Saint Cecil Cathedral, Albi, France

 Niagara Falls Frozen Solid in 1911

Rovinj, Croatia

 Elie Saab Couture S/S 2013

Valentin Yudashkin

Some lovely images to brighten your day.

Have a beautiful week, everyone!

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miss b said...

Well these images certainly brightened my day - a very pretty start to the week.

michele said...

oh mercy. please style me in that glorious yudashkin, teleport me back to 1911's frozen falls, and then whisk me to the parisian park bench (guessing) under the canopy of magenta lovely.

color me dazzled.


Anne said...

What a delight!

Kim Grey said...

So glad you all enjoyed this post. :)