28 February 2013

Blue + Green + Stripes

I have always loved cool colours, such as blues and greens. They make me think of floating in water, or lying upon soft green grass, looking at the blue sky above. Cool hues can be so relaxing and refreshing, which makes them a beautiful choice for a bedroom or bathroom.

This bedroom, in the 2013 HGTV Dream House, would be wonderful for a guest bedroom, or for children. Matching beds are so adorable, especially in kids' rooms. I love those wide horizontal stripes on the walls, the beautiful four-poster beds, and pretty butterfly pillows. 

The spacious nearby bathroom, also designed in blues and greens, is equally lovely, with that gorgeous mother-of-pearl inlay mirror and marble shower.

While I love these colours, I've got to say, the design is a little too "matchy-matchy" for me. I think the rooms just need a few more pieces, which don't follow the theme too closely, and add a bit of warmth, such as the artwork, with touches of pink and orange, to add more depth to the design. 

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michele said...

it is matchy but i love the happy tranquility it affords. thanks for sharing, kim!



Kim Grey said...

Thanks for dropping by, Michelle! Hugs to you.