30 November 2012

Fab Frock Friday: Peplums


Now this is a style which I cannot say that I would have predicted to return to fashion--but I honestly don't know why, except perhaps for its relative obscurity in the grand timeline of fashion history. 

Peplums were very popular in the 1940s, when women were going for more powerful looks, with broad shoulders and snappy hats. They had a resurgence in fashion in the 80s, which seems to be the main influence for the styles we are seeing right now. I remember having an aqua striped knit outfit with a little peplum on the top, and a matching short skirt, which I got while on a family vacation in Florida, when I was in junior high. I thought that outfit was so chic, at the time. I think my bright pink sunburn must have really popped next to the aqua.

These days the peplum look is more about adding a feminine touch to an otherwise sleek silhouette. I, for one, wouldn't mind seeing a snappy hat paired with the modern-day peplum. Maybe that's just me.

In any case, they sure are cute.

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