20 November 2012

Bird's Nest Light

Last weekend, for our never-ending quest to find our Dream House, my boyfriend and I visited a few display homes. We were interested in one house in particular, and we were there for a second visit. The first time we saw the house, it was still being built. We wanted to take another look, since it had been finished. 

We *really* liked the house. If only it didn't cost the Earth to build it! (sigh) I have been busy sketching my own customized version of the house plan. Hours of fun, let me tell you! A girl can dream....

Anyway, I'm rambling. Back to today's post... 

In one of the bedrooms of the display home, I spied this fabulous pendant lamp, which looks like a huge bird's nest. I just adore this light. I love all things bird-themed, in fact. 

After a brief hunt online, I found a source for it, here. I'm adding this light to the list of Dream Things to have in the Dream House.

{all photos are my own}

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