19 September 2012

Flower Forward

(source unknown)




It's time for some spring fever in my neck o' the woods. 
Bring on the flower power!


michele said...

so inspiring, kim! delicious edible color!



Kim Grey said...

So lovely to see you, Michele!

Style Maniac said...

I adore that Designer's Guild print. Tricia & company have such a great knack for putting a modern twist on a traditional theme. And oh the glorious colors!

Kim Grey said...

I totally agree! DG patterns are always so pretty and fresh.

sharon milne said...

Hi, love your post! x what is the make and name of the floral fabric on the first cushion on the chair please? x

Kim Grey said...

Hi Sharon, I wish I knew the answer to your question. Unfortunately, I don't have any source info on that image. Sorry!