08 May 2012

Room Love: Colourful Art Wall


What better way to make a grouping of artwork pop than by painting the wall a fabulous vibrant colour?

As much as I adore white rooms and gallery-like spaces, when I saw these brilliantly coloured walls with their charming mixes of framed art, I just felt a sort of "oh, yes, that is it!" kind of thing. Do you know what I mean?

Colour + Art = YES

I love it!


Style Maniac said...

I do know what you mean! Great colors. Are those Lilly Pulitzer prints in the second pic?

p.s. charming floral "feel beautifl" graphic at right.

Kim Grey said...

Thanks, Style Maniac! I'm not sure about the prints. I think they are possibly framed fabrics or patterned paper, not sure which. (I found the image on Pinterest.)