07 May 2012

Lolita Cafe

What a sweet spot!

While I was perusing Pinterest today, I saw this absolutely gorgeous cafe called Lolita, which is located in an old warehouse in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Isn't the ceiling mural stunning? Every detail of this space is fabulous, from the multiple tones in the herringbone wood floor to the curvaceous velvet and satin seating and the striking black lights. The design is very feminine, without being overly saccharine. A hang-out for a modern woman with great taste--like you and me, right?

I would just love to sit in this cafe, sipping a cappuccino and having a sweet treat, while gazing upon the beauty of this space. You are all welcome to join me, for a virtual cuppa.

Have a beautiful week, everyone! Cheers!

(images and info found here, here, and here)


Katiya Wright said...

What a spectacularly well-designed space! When the space makes you feel like there's not a care in the world, you know it's done well. Inspired.

wheelsnext said...
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