09 December 2014

Modern Glamour

You all know I love a little glamour. Just as accessories make an outfit, such as a gorgeous statement necklace adding the perfect touch to a dress, beautiful decorative accents, unique artworks, and statement-making furniture can make a room. 

Furniture company Modani challenged me to reflect my fashion style in a living room. When I looked through my favourite fashion images and my favourite living rooms, I realized that I love seeing a touch of glamour in both. 

I'm envisioning a beautiful living room using some of my favourite colours, blue, pink, lilac, grey, white, chocolate, and gold, with a few modern furniture pieces, a handful of glamorous accessories, great lighting, bold patterned textiles, some warm wooden elements, and eye-catching artwork. This is the kind of lounge room I would love to spend busy family days in, and then wind down in the evenings with a nice glass of wine, amid candlelight. 

Do you like a little modern glamour in your living room? What stylish decor accents do you love?

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