18 April 2013

A spare new look in London

A kind of hush seems to fall over the images of this spare, elegant 19th C. London home, with its very carefully chosen artworks and furniture, in those incredible cavernous spaces. I imagine the decor is in stark contrast to the grand and ornate interiors which surely must have been original to the home. Now this magnificent property is home to interior designer Rose Uniacke, along with her husband and their five children. It is hard to picture a bunch of noisy children in these restrained rooms. Maybe they are somehow quieter than most children.

{All images found here; Photos by Henry Bourne for The New York Times}


miss b said...

What a stunning staircase. A very elegant home.

Lee Caroline said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, blog hopping my way around. Its really lovely and I do love this post. The house has a quiet style about it. It is not over cluttered as some period London homes can be. I love it's eclectic mix and the stair case is divine...I dream of staircases such as this!

Lee :)

Kim Grey said...

I'm so glad you found me, Lee! Thank you for following.

That staircase is dreamy, isn't it? I can picture a willowy Edwardian beauty, languidly walking down those stairs, with her delicate train following behind.