25 January 2013

Fab Frock Friday: Sculptural Ruffles




Ruffly frocks like works of art. 

I'm in love with all of these gorgeous ruffles! They're so feminine and chic.

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!


michele said...



Anne K said...

Love the look! like waves cresting up around the models faces and bodies, isnt it? and also love the cat eye on model no. 2, wow!

Champagne Macarons said...

Stunning couture gowns... the Tim Walker photo is one of my favourites. xoxo, B

Kim Grey said...

Good to hear from you, Michele, Anne, and CM.

I love that Tim Walker photo, too (bottom image)! I used to have the issue of Vogue which had that photo in it, way back when I collected countless magazines. Now my image addiction is via the computer. :)